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What is Master of Arts [MA]?

-Master of Arts [MA] is a Post Graduate Degree offered in Arts Discipline. It is one among the oldest postest graduate qualification and the degree offers a wide range of specializations in the field of Arts, Humanities and some areas of Social Science.
The area of study will be made interesting through lectures, practicals, workshops, and seminars.
The discipline of Arts that the students choose teaches them how to be masters of that particular subject of study. -Though to pursue a career in teaching generally a Ph.D. is required, Master of Arts still has a prestige of its own.
The course can be completed by considering any one of the following
as a specialization:
• MA in Hindi • MA in Sociology • MA in Education

Why Choose Master of arts [MA]?
A Master of Arts relies majorly on student-teacher interaction, mentorship, and collaboration. There is huge freedom of credit selection and the choice spans over the various schools of a university.
By doing MA students will have greater knowledge of the subject chosen in Bachelors which will be an added advantage to them.
Studying masters will help students have a better understanding of the subject and encourage critical thinking.
•The faculty is often composed of practicing professionals, in addition to Doctoral degrees.
An MA degree would enhance your powers of inquiry, logical thinking, and critical analysis. It will also improve your ability to apply theoretical knowledge to current issues, and allow you to
Initiate professionalism. -Finally, problem-solving, written and oral expression, communication and presentation skills will make

Job, Scope, Salary & Placements

•Business Houses •Consultancies •Educational Institutes •Foreign Affairs •Law Firms
•Industrial House •Management •News Media •Public Works • Tourism
Job Type
Content Writer
High School Teacher
Human Resources (HR) Manager
Copy Editor
Primary School Teacher
Secondary School Teacher

Courses After M.A.

A Master course is known as a flashpoint of opportunities as it makes you more employable and also allows you to study and gain specialization. MBA, PG Diploma and PGDM courses are the most popular options to pursue after MA.

List of Best Courses after MA in India:
•M Phil •NET, IRF •Mass Media •Event Management
•Travel & Tourism •Ph.D •PGDM •PG Diploma